One-Stop Bureau

To fully meet your expectations and to provide the right and most proper solutions, One Stop Bureau has been designed to offer a wide range of services regarding the completion of your bureaucratic steps.

IFC participants, employees and their first-degree relatives may submit inquiries and set up appointments for administrative operations and transactions required to obtain permits, licences or approvals. You may track your application via IFC Portal.

The establishment process of One-Stop Bureau is continuing. Thank you for your understanding.


Foreign Currency Bookkeeping

Regardless of the legislation in force, subject to the regulation that is to be issued by The Ministry of Treasury and Finance; compulsory accounts and documents will be able to kept and issued in foreign currency.


Joint Provisions

Within the scope of the activities carried out by the participants at the IFC, the choice of law can be made freely in all kinds of transactions and contracts made subject to private law, provided that the activities of the participants are not contrary to the legislation to which they are subject to.


Employment of Foreign Personnel

Participants can employ foreign nationals with an exceptional work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The provisions of this article are also applied to the regional treasury and financial management centers of the participants who are active in at least three countries.