Fund Management

Legal regulations in Türkiye proactively support the establishment and growth of investment funds. The Turkish Regional Development Fund worth TRY 250 million announced in 2020 also paved the way for the establishment of several exciting new funds. In the same year, funds with a volume over TRY 166 billion were traded.

The international interest in real estate investment funds increased considerably in 2020 despite the widespread uncertainty worldwide, with the market size of real estate investment trusts reached TRY 58 billion.

Notably in the first quarter of 2021 Turkish venture investments increased by 35 percent and reached a total size of $143 million.

Türkiye is not only focused on enabling mature entities, the Turkish financial system also supports entrepreneurs at the initial idea stage by providing sizeable incentive packages. In 2020, a total of TRY 48 million support was provided for 531 enterprises at the idea stage.

Istanbul offers unrivaled access to the Asian, European and American markets thanks to its unique location, making the city a genuine center for finance.

The prestigious legal and regulatory institutions hosted by the IFC encourage speed and efficiency in harmony with the required supervision and auditing mechanisms. The Istanbul Finance Center is a thriving hub for key financial services and therefore provides the ideal platform for the development, allocation and management of funds, including investment trusts, stocks and bonds of both private companies and corporate customers.