Intermediary Institutions

As the global economy is continually transformed, the need for public offering and intermediate trade is increasing. Türkiye offers an exciting array of opportunities for intermediary institutions as it provides unrivaled access to both a thriving and dynamic domestic market and and other regional markets.

As of February 2021, 72 intermediary institutions authorised by the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye (SPK) are operating via 287 branches across Türkiye. Despite the recent economic uncertainty the equity capital of intermediary firms in Türkiye increased by 65 percent in 2020 and exceeded TRY 13 billion in value by the following year.

As well as hosting the headquarters of long-established legal and regulatory institutions, the IFC is also home to world class fintech, asset management, investment banking, capital market and alternative investment enterprises. Thanks to its versatile ecosystem, the IFC offers a platform from which intermediary firms are able to respond quickly and easily to the needs of their clients.