Private Banking

Representing one of the world's fastest-growing capital saving geographies, Türkiye offers exciting opportunities for private banking firms. In addition to the standard services offered within private banking such as customised services, asset management and optimisation, investment consulting and safety deposit facilities, other supplementary services which offer non-bank advantages are also available to customers in Türkiye with higher value assets.

Turkish retail customers, individuals and young families represent several of the demographics most interested in the region’s newest investment opportunities. These groups demand sophisticated asset management solutions including a vast range of investment options and strategic asset allocation consultancy to help achieve their financial objectives.

Hosting the headquarters of long-established and prestigious legal and regulatory institutions, the IFC is positioned as an unrivaled hot spot for both professional service providers and industry experts. Thanks to its versatile and dynamic ecosystem, the IFC offers a platform from which private banking companies are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of their private customers who demand world class service.