Istanbul Financial Center (IFC) completed the repayment of Türkiye’s First Green Sukuk Istisnah

Istanbul Financial Center has pursued a sustainability-driven approach throughout its construction process, dedicating itself to building structures equipped with cutting-edge technological systems and adhering to internationally recognized green building certifications.

Aligned with this objective, IFC secured funding in 2021 through the Türkiye’s first Green Sukuk Istisnah. The proceeds from this issuance have been used to finance activities that mitigate potential environmental impact across construction and operation.

Post-construction, independent audit firms scrutinized the allocation of funds to ensure alignment with the intended purpose. Consequently, the “Green Sukuk Istisnah Impact Report” was prepared, confirming the utilization of proceeds to mitigate environmental effects from the construction stage to the operational stages.
IFC successfully completed the repayment of ‘The Green Sukuk Istisnah,’ issued for the first time in Türkiye on 24 December 2021, upon its maturity on 22 December 2023.

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 Türkiye’s First Green Sukuk Istisnah